General information about company

BSE Scrip Code531380
NSE Symbol
MSE Symbol
Date of Start of Financial Year01-04-2023
Date of End of Financial Year31-03-2024
Reporting PeriodSecond half yearly
Date of Start of Reporting Period01-10-2023
Date of End of Reporting Period31-03-2024
Level of rounding to be used in disclosing related party transactionsLakhs
Whether the company has any related party?Yes
Whether the company has entered into any Related Party transaction during the selected half year for which it wants to submit disclosure?Yes

(I) We declare that the acceptance of fixed deposits by the bans/Non-Banking Finance Company are at the terms uniformly applicable/offered to all shareholders/publicNA
(II) We declare that the scheduled commercial bank, as per RBI circular RBI/DBR/2015-16/19 dated March 03, 2016, has allowed additional interest of one per cent per annum, over and above the rate of interest mentioned in the schedule of interest rates on savings or a term deposits of bank’s staff and their exclusive associations as well as on deposits of Chairman, Chairman & Managing Director, Executive Director or such other Executives appointed for a fixed tenure.NA
(III) Whether the company is a ‘high value debt listed entity’ according to regulation 15 (1A)?No
(a) If answer to above question is Yes, whether complying with proviso to regulation 23 (9), i.e., submitting RPT disclosures on the day of results publication?
(b) If answer to above question is No, please explain the reason for not complying.

Related party transactions

Additional disclosure of related party transactions - applicable only in case the related party transaction relates to loans, inter-corporate deposits, advances or investments made or given by the listed entity/subsidiary. These details need to be disclosed only once, during the reporting period when such transaction was undertaken.
Sr No.Details of the party (listed entity /subsidiary) entering into the transactionDetails of the counterpartyType of related party transactionDetails of other related party transactionValue of the related party transaction as approved by the audit committeeRemarks on approval by audit committeeValue of transaction during the reporting periodIn case monies are due to either party as a result of the transactionIn case any financial indebtedness is incurred to make or give loans, inter-corporate deposits, advances or investmentsDetails of the loans, inter-corporate deposits, advances or investmentsNotes
NamePANNamePANRelationship of the counterparty with the listed entity or its subsidiaryOpening balanceClosing balanceNature of indebtedness (loan/ issuance of debt/ any other etc.)Details of other indebtednessCostTenureNature (loan/ advance/ intercorporate deposit/ investment )Interest Rate (%)TenureSecured/ unsecuredPurpose for which the funds will be utilised by the ultimate recipient of funds (endusage)
1Centenial Surgical Suture Limited AAACC4639GVijay Majrekar AAEPM1064CManaging Director Remuneration135.86No Remark135.8600Textual Information(1)
2Centenial Surgical Suture Limited AAACC4639GDevraj T. PoojaryALMPP7323AWhole Time Director RemunerationNo Remark3.900Textual Information(2)
3Centenial Surgical Suture Limited AAACC4639GMahima Bathwal ALSPK8075GCompany Secretary and Compliance OfficerRemunerationNo Remark1.2100Textual Information(3)
4Centenial Surgical Suture Limited AAACC4639GAnuradha KashikarAFVPK4259FWhole Time Director Any other transactionRent62.5No Remark62.500Textual Information(4)
5Centenial Surgical Suture Limited AAACC4639GBhushan Limaye AAAPL3421AIndependent Non Executive Director Any other transactionSitting feesNo Remark0.400Textual Information(5)
6Centenial Surgical Suture Limited AAACC4639GSunil ModiAADPM3870DIndependent Non Executive Director Any other transactionSitting feesNo Remark0.400Textual Information(6)
7Centenial Surgical Suture Limited AAACC4639GJagadish ShettyAALPS6264PIndependent Non Executive Director Any other transactionSitting feesNo Remark0.400Textual Information(7)
8Centenial Surgical Suture Limited AAACC4639GNeel VoraAQBPV0219MIndependent Non Executive Director Any other transactionSitting feesNo Remark0.400Textual Information(8)
Total value of transaction during the reporting period205.07