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Female Urinary Incontinency Set


T-SUIT Is a monofilament polypropelene synthetic undyed mesh sling. Minimal invasive treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence. Restores continence at placement.

TSUIT is a synthetic non absorbable monofilament polypropelene undyed mesh That remodels with the host tissue.


Undyed CENTILENE MESH (Monofilament Propelene) Non absorbable sling.

Readily available

Consistent strength.

Easily manipulated in surgery
Stored at room temperature

Disposable ligature carriers.

Removable handle.

Adapts to preferred technique.

Addresses variations in patient anatomy

Eliminates suturing or anchoring.

Restores continence at placement

Permits host tissue remodeling for long-term support.


This minimally invasive approach contributes to reduced Operative time and postoperative recovery period.
Tiny incisions.
Minimal dissections.
Routine outpatient procedure.
No post operative catheterization and minimal post operative Pain compared with other invasive procedures.
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