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Titanium Haemostatic Clip
For Cardiovascular Surgery

Quality Built, Performance Proven.


CENTCLIP is engineered and designed to perform with safety and meet the requirements of our SURGEONS and NURSES.

Four clip sizes to meet all your ligation
requirements Small, Medium, Medium Large,
and Large.

Designed Heart-shaped to give each ligature clip a firm grip on blood vessels
Clip shape engulfs tissue ensures precise tip-to-tip closure.

Inside grooves make clips resistant to slippage across the vessel.

Available in 6, 10 & 24-clip cartridges.

Cartridge allows easy and precise clip loading.
Open and endoscopic appliers available.
Ordering Information
Small Yellow 3,5mm 3.1mm CTC S-6
Small Yellow 3,5mm 3.1mm CTC S-10
Mediuml Blue 5.9mm 4.8mm CTC S-6
Mediuml Blue 5.9mm 4.8mm CTC S-10

Large l

Green 8.5mm 8.1mm CTC ML-6

Large l

Green 8.5mm 8.1mm CTC ML-10
Large Orange 11.4mm 11.4mm CTC L-6
Large Orange 11.4mm 11.4mm CTC L-15


Simple Loading ~ CENTENIALís CENTICLIP ligating-clip cartridge provides easy and precise loading. Quick precision loading can provide an important enhancement of efficiency in surgery.

CENTENIALís CENTICLIP ligating-clips are centered in cartridge slot for precise loads.
CENTENIALís CENTICLIP ligating-clip cartridges are available in pack of 6, 10, 15 & 24. .

CENTENIALís CENTICLIP ligating-clip 6 clip cartridge can eliminate waste in comparison to 10 & 15-clip cartridges.

CENTENIALís CENTICLIP ligating-clip cartridges are color-coded to match color coded applicators.

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