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  Aortic Punch
Disposable Aortic Punch
for Cardiovascular Anastomosis

For precise, clean cuts when performing CABG surgery.


A countersunk thumb seat on the plunger reduces the risk of slippage.

Control is enhanced by the use of specially designed finger grips.

Precision tolerances minimize the risk of jamming.
Cast stainless steel punch tips provide clean and accurate cuts, even through the most calcified tissue.

Smooth action shaft.

Design insures easy insertion.

Cartridge allows easy and precise clip loading.
Surgically sharpened edge creates precise circular openings.
  Ordering Information
  Standard Tip Disposable Aortic
Punch 6 per box, sterile, single
use, disposable, latex free, size are marked

CAP - 90027
tip diameter: 2.7 mm

CAP - 90035
tip diameter: 3.5 mm

CAP - 90040
tip diameter: 4.0 mm

CAP - 90045
tip diameter: 4.5 mm

CAP - 90047
tip diameter: 4.7 mm

CAP - 90050
tip diameter: 5.0 mm

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